Consuming excess Coconut water will harm your health, according to medical experts. It will lower your electrolytes and disturb your heart beats too.

Coconut water offers plethora of health benefits, it helps you keep hydrated to help achieve clear, acne-free skin. Hence, many of us, have the habit of drinking a glass of coconut water at least daily once or twice. Similarly, like all other foods, anything excess is not good, overconsumption can be risky too, say the nutritionists.

Kidney problems

Coconut water is very high in potassium, drinking too much of it may cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the body by spiking the levels of potassium which can cause kidney trouble as well as irregular heartbeat.

Increase in blood pressure

Coconut water is not recommended for those individuals who are having high blood pressure, because it may further raise the pressure more due to its high sodium content. It can also lower Blood pressure due to its high potassium.

High in sugar

People tend to drink coconut water more when compared to juices as they tend to believe they have low amount of sugar. Coconut water has about 6.26 grams of sugar each cup. Patients suffering from diabetics must refrain from drinking coconut water daily. Eventhough coconut water contains less amount of sugar when compared to other sports drinks and juices, it has got a greater number of calories.

Not good for athletes

Individuals must have regular water instead of coconut water, after strenuous workout. It is always best to drink water after a workout because it contains a lot of salt, which the body loses during activity. You might also end up drinking a couple of glasses of coconut water due to thirst. Which is bad for your body as well as health. #tohyd #hydnews

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