If you want to build your career at the snazzy intersection where Bloggers and Brands work up the magic, or work with a community who redefines itself with every post on the blogsphere, well, do drop in a note!

We are looking for people with energy and verve. The ‘passionate about results’ kind of people.
Folks that prefer being handed a canvas rather than a completed picture. You know, the kind of people who detest being ‘told’.

The kind that go after results like a determined rocket with a perfect lift off.

Ten years ago, we started out with small steps powering a big dream. A dream of being the best in the business of blogging.

Each of the passing ten years has been splendid. Each for a very different reason. Some by sheer spectacular outcomes that beat our grandest expectations to pulp. Yet others, where our hopes for great results was bettered by experiences that we would label ‘humbling’!

All this means something else as well. There never has been a dull year moment. Simple projects. Grandiose ones. Difficult asks. Now, to top it all : a dream to elevate the game to the next level.

The other day we sat at the drawing board and sketched out our plans for the future. With the wonderful things that came out of it, the team wanted more smart heads and hands. We realised that scripting of the dreams that we are dreaming up requires more cool people and cooler aspirations. Naturally, we thought, what better than to blog about this and let you awesome bloggers know.

Could that be you? Or maybe someone you know?

We could write many posts on what it is to work with us. We could tell you how cool we are. To impress you, we may show you our client list. A peek into our community of bloggers? Perhaps pictures of cakes & bouquets sent by clients. The accolades won. The formats launched. The brands that rose to prominence. Over the years, we realise that such stuff never manages to give the full picture. That picture is complete only when you are IN the picture.

Give us a shout at [email protected] with details about you and the wonderful work you’ve done till now. Lets get talking.

By tohyd